Steps to take After a House Fire

FIRE! When you hear those words a sense of panic comes quickly over you. Of course, the Fire Department will put the fire out, but then what exactly do you do? The first thing that needs to be done would be to have the device wrapped up and utilities procured. A restoration business can conduct this service and will send out workers to look after this issue. Reliable restoration companies are available 24 hours per day – 7 days a week. 

If your home has sustained damage from fire and smoke, any restoration work must be conducted quickly and efficiently. Professional restoration companies work closely with your insurance company, making sure that the process of getting your property back in order is done completely and to your own satisfaction

  • Appliances/Electronics: Don’t use any TV, stereo, or digital appliance until it has been cleaned and checked.
  • Carpets: Brush or vacuum loose smoke particles from carpeting. Avoid walking or monitoring on carpeting if at all possible. Do not use”do-it-yourself” home carpet cleaners.
  • Ceilings/Walls: Do not wipe or attempt to wash ceilings or other absorbent surfaces.
  • Doors: Close doors in affected regions to localize smoke smells as far as possible.
  • Food Items: For security reasons, don’t consume food items exposed to smoke or canned products that have been subjected to excessive heat. Use masking tape to fasten double lays of cheesecloth over air registers.
  • Furniture: When possible, avoid using upholstered furniture.
  • Pets: Move all pets to a fresh environment.
  • Plants: Wash plants with gentle soap and water, cleaning both sides of the leaves (water softener helps).
  • Windows: If you can, open windows to ventilate.

Smoke Residue Contamination

  • Within Minutes: Plastic and paper items discolor.
  • Inside Hours: Grout stains; furniture, appliances, and countertops start to yellowish; metals begin corroding.
  • Within Days: Background and paint discolor permanently; carpeting, upholstery, and drapery fibers become permanently stained; vinyl and wood floors discolor; glass, china, and crystal or pit.
  • Ongoing Water Damage: The best way to put out a fire is to use water. Now you’ve got a new problem – furniture warps, cracks, splits, and stains carpeting; metal parts (screws, nails, corner bead) begin to rust; dyes move from clothes, shoes, and rugs; electronics rust, malfunction; plywood delaminates, particleboard buckles; mold can start to grow in as little as 48 hours. Learn more about mold remediation Arlington.

Reputable restoration companies offer full service to add removing furnishings and belongings and storing them before the job is complete.

For any insured loss there are three types of adjusters. A “Business Adjuster” works right for the insurance carrier. The third kind of adjuster is the “Public Adjuster”. Typically a public adjuster may contact a homeowner immediately after any loss and contract with them to act on their behalf. Their selling point is that they represent the homeowner to maximize the dollar amount of the loss. Regrettably, because this provides a third person to the combination it will not only slow down the repairs but their fee is a substantial proportion of their loss. This could leave a severe shortfall in the funds required to finish the job.

For fire damage restoration, contact the PuroClean restoration experts!

When the contents of your home are damaged by smoke/soot, mitigating the fire damage, cleaning, and restoring the materials into their pre-loss state is a task for restoration professionals. PuroClean serving Arlington technicians know how to clean smoke harm from materials professionally and professionally. When you call us, we’ll mitigate the reduction and restore your property using state-of-the-art equipment and methods. Click here for more info about us.