Living in a Hot Region? Protect Your Dog Against Heat Stroke with These Tips

If you live in a warm environment as well as own a dog, you must realize that your pet is prone to heatstroke. This is a risky health problem that can trigger severe health problems like incurable brain damage as well as death. When a dog is left open to warm and damp conditions, it establishes various signs that may risk the dog’s life.

Ways to Prevent Your Dog From Heat Stroke

Heatstroke is a serious problem in dogs. A number of organs in your dog’s body can be damaged if their body temperature level gets too high. The heart, liver, kidneys, and brain are essential organs in danger. Heatstroke in dogs is most usual in elderly or obese dogs.

Those under the age of six months are also in danger. Dogs with thick or black coatings are likewise much more prone. The following suggestions will help you in avoiding your dog from suffering from heatstroke. Looking for a vet in Santa Cruz, CA? You can search on the internet to locate one.

Let them have a summer haircut.

Dogs’ fur is made to secure their skin from the sun as well as maintain them warm. Some types have thicker fur than others, so you may wish to trim their hair during warmer months. However, do not shave your dog given that this might leave them open to sunburn and hyperthermia.

Give them fresh water at all times.

It’s best if the water is as cold as possible. Some people offer icy water blocks to their dogs in a large dish to keep the melting water as cold as possible. In addition, your dog’s water needs to be changed regularly, as many dogs might refuse to drink dirty water, even if they are experiencing heatstroke. It is a better idea to have a phone number of an animal emergency clinic if an unprecedented event occurs.

Provide cool areas.

Cool shade locations must always be accessible to your dog and never be left in direct sunlight. Moisture also plays an essential part in this. Your dog can unexpectedly die in a car, a greenhouse, an attic, or when running on a concrete run. The most significant places to be are air-conditioned and have plenty of shade. Additionally, do not restrict your dog to inside a container or kennel made of closed plastic. Only a container with open-wire.

Also in cold weather, a large dog’s panting, as well as body heat, can swiftly raise the temperature inside a plastic cage. It is essential to keep in mind that your dog can have heat stroke even if they are in the water. Swimming requires a big amount of energy expenditure. Thus heatstroke in the water is not unusual. To learn more, click here.

Never leave your dog in a car.

Avoid leaving your dog inside the car alone. It’s a basic guideline that’s commonly broken. Your dog can suffer from the results of the heat in a matter of minutes, causing several deaths annually. If you need to leave your dog, make sure you have a window open or the air conditioning turned on.

This isn’t a failsafe approach, though, due to the fact that the air conditioning system could break down, or the dog could mistakenly turn it off. If your dog has to remain in the car, someone must accompany them.


Every one of those discussed above should be taken into account to stay clear of heatstroke. Keep in mind that it can happen even if a dog’s body temperature is just one degree over normal. Therefore, overheating can occur swiftly, causing brain damage and fatality. It’s crucial to keep your dog cool in the summertime and keep a close eye on their health.